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Pvt. Stephen H. Kettle, Citizen of the Year Award

The Pvt. Stephen H. Kettle Citizen of the Year Award is awarded to someone, who is not a member of the Allied Order of the Grand Army of the Republic, who best furthers the mission of the SUVCW in ensuring that those brave men of the Union that fought from 1861-1865 are never forgotten. Named after Pvt. Stephen H. Kettle who served in Company D of the 2nd Rhode Island Volunteers from September of 1864 until is discharge in July of 1865. After the war he went on to continue to provide for the citizens of Rhode Island as the Chief of Police for the West Greenwich Police Department. Pvt. Kettle is the ancestor of Past Commander in Chief Leo F. Kennedy of General Zenas R. Bliss, Camp 12, Department of Rhode Island. Photo courtesy of Br. Leo F. Kennedy, PCinC.

Previous Pvt. Stephen H. Kettle Awardees:

Paul Radion – 2023

Joe “Tiger” Patrick – 2022

Maria Vazquez – 2021

Ken Carlson – 2020

Kat Boots -2019

Paul Bertrand – 2018

Patrick Donovan – 2018

Pegee Malcolm – 2017

Maureen Buffi – 2016

BGen Richard Valente USA (Ret) – 2015

Bob Chorney – 2014

Cpt. Joseph Raposa RIM – 2013

Patricia Feeney – 2012

Evelyn Wheeler – 2011

David Manconeour – 2010

Michael Herbert – 2009

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