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Last Soldier

The Last Soldier Project is a Nationwide SUVCW initiative for Camps & Departments to mark and commemorate the Last Union Veteran to be buried in each county within a State. The Department of Rhode Island started the project of identifying the Last Veteran in each of the 5 Counties of Rhode Island in 2016 and completed commemorating them in 2019.

Bristol County:

Pvt. Charles H. Bullock, 22nd Massachusetts Unattached Militia 1842-1940. Buried in Old North Burial Ground, Bristol

Kent County:

Pvt. John Riley, 2nd Rhode Island Volunteers 1841-1943, Buried in Manchester Cemetery, Coventry. Last Civil War Veteran Buried in Rhode Island

Newport County:

Pvt. Joseph T. Ray, 118th United States Colored Troops 1847 – 1943, Buried in Braman Cemetery, Newport

Providence County:

Pvt. Edward F. Gillett, 22nd & 29th Michigan Volunteer Infantry 1847-1943, Buried in Little Neck Cemetery, East Providence

Washington County:

Rodman Carpenter, 1st Class Boy on the USS Selma, Surgeons Aide on the USS Lackawanna 1846-1941, Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Wakefield

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