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Pvt. Michael McElroy Reinterment Ceremony

In 1963, construction on Rhode Island Route 37 began, going from Cranston to Warwick. The path of the highway would take it directly over the State Farm Cemetery #1 in Cranston, that house the final resting spot of 3,000 souls that were in the care of the State when they passed. Unfortunately, the State did not exhume these remains, they built Route 37 directly over them. In 2006, heavy rains and erosion unearthed over 70 of these remains. One of them was Pvt. Michael McElroy of the 2nd Rhode Island who passed away at the Almshouse in Cranston in 1888. Through the efforts of the Department of Rhode Island and multiple State agencies, it was determined that Pvt. McElroy was never given the proper military burial that he deserved. On 31 May 2008 this changed as Pvt. McElroy was reinterred at Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Prescott Post 1 Burial Plot in North Burial Ground in Providence. The Rhode Island National Guard was on hand to assist in rendering proper military honors, complete with burial flag, rifle salute and taps.

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